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Sydney Chan

Sydney Chan, Staff Writer

Sydney Chan is a sophomore and a first-year staff writer on The Tower. She enjoys playing field hockey and competing in Speech and Debate tournaments (some will say she’s kinda opinionated…). Although Sydney has wanted a dog for her entire life, she still doesn’t have one, so make sure to keep your flamin’ hot chips close, but your dogs closer. If you ever want to go to lunch with Sydney, have a place in mind because she’s always conflicted. Or is it inconclusive? Unsettled? Indecisive? Be aware that she adds chili oil to everything, and don’t question the amount of sriracha she adds to her pho. Need help with chemistry or math homework? You’ll find Sydney in office hours where she’ll say hello, and then direct you to someone else who can actually help you, out of the goodness of her heart. 

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