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The use of literally has changed over time. As the younger generation seems to have created their own definition for the word, misuse of literally has become more common.

Literally, Literally

Summer Hu, Staff Writer
May 20, 2022
Bella Myer (‘22), Cami Farrell (‘22), Karina Kadia (‘22), and Sara Hamadeh (‘22) ran into James Charles on the first day of the festival.

Sighted in the Springs

Isadora Blatt, Staff Writer
May 5, 2022
“[Vanity sizing] is a much farther-reaching problem, said costume designer Mrs. Jean Moroney.

The Great Sizing Dilemma

Isadora Blatt, Staff Writer
April 27, 2022
Many Wordle players have starting words that they use for the daily puzzle. Here are some common ones that Bishopians use.

Around the World-le

Shirley Xu, Staff Writer
April 25, 2022
Character Rue Bennet, played by Zendaya, goes through the highs and lows of high school while battling a drug addiction.

All For Us?

Spencer Ralph, Staff Writer
April 21, 2022
LShana Habaah BYerushalayim, as shown on the projector, means Next Year in Jerusalem. Families around the world end their seder with this prayer.

Matzah, Morar, and Memories

Sydney Chan, Staff Writer
April 21, 2022
The pandemic was a time for many people to explore new hobbies. For example, Spencer Ralph (24) and his family did a project with chalk art in their newfound free time.

2 Years Ago, Today

Isadora Blatt, Staff Writer
March 18, 2022
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