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The Student News Site of The Bishop's School

The Tower

The Student News Site of The Bishop's School

The Tower

The Student News Site of The Bishop's School

The Tower


It was here, on the second story of the old, 1874 State Capitol Building, when some of California’s top lawmakers finally registered that Proposition 64, the marijuana legalization bill they conceived, would become a law. Of course, it would take years from that 2016 night, and a sharp increase in marijuana use amongst children, for them to fully comprehend the weight of their actions.

Legalizing Marijuana: Not So Dope

Ben Brown, Staff Writer
August 23, 2023
Pictured is the inside of the kanmiyagura used at Greenwell Farms. A traditional Japanese method of drying coffee, this roof on the shack is especially helpful when rain hits the island, ensuring that the drying of the beans can continue undisturbed.

Better Beans for Your Buck

Sydney Chan, Editor-in-Chief
August 22, 2023
Students protested on April 3, 2023, inside the Tennessee state capitol in Nashville. Why do children have to advocate for change?

Generation Lockdown

Bella Gallus, Managing Editor
May 31, 2023
Democracy is a fragile being, especially in the United States — a nation with a rich history of political engagement. A recent example of this fragility is the January 6 United States Capitol attack, where supporters of former President Trump tried to reverse a democratic election to keep Trump in office

We Hold These Truths to Be…

Ben Brown, Staff Writer
May 1, 2023
Students use milkbreak to get a snack or even to supplement breakfast. The snack bar’s lines are often the most crowded, showing that morning snacks are in high demand.

Not Breaking for Breakfast

Summer Hu, Story Editor
March 3, 2023
Internet sleuths can have harmful effects on anyone who is involved with a criminal case such as authorities, families, and victims.

Internet Sleuths Chase the Truth

Bella Gallus, Managing Editor
March 1, 2023
The Monterey Park community held a candlelight vigil on January 23, 2022, to honor those whose lives were taken in the Lunar New Years Eve shooting.

Why are Stricter Gun Laws not Enough?

Bella Gallus, Managing Editor
February 9, 2023
Is True Crime a True Crime?

Is True Crime a True Crime?

Crystal Li, Editor-in-Chief
February 2, 2023
Elon Musk bought twitter on October 27 2022 after a long stretch of discussions and agreements for 44 billion dollars.

A Dishonest Bird

Aiden Afshar, Staff Writer
January 19, 2023
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