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Buffalo Exchange is a thrift store with locations in Pacific Beach and Hillcrest that has a variety between on-trend and vintage clothing.
Do You Even Thrift?
Isadora Blatt, Staff Writer • November 4, 2021

With climate change becoming a more and more pressing issue every day, it can be difficult to see the bright side of things. One Instagram post leads to another, and soon enough you may feel consumed by an endless feed of depressing facts. According to a study by The Eco Experts, the fashion industry...

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The True Enemy: Procrastination
The True Enemy: Procrastination
Summer Hu November 4, 2021

Everyone dreads the list of purple tabs lined up on the assignments page of Blackbaud. Those “to-do’s” can pile up leading to one lab report, two essays, and one math assignment all due the next day. Next thing you know, you are overloaded with homework and staying up past 12:00 finish it....

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Literature with Leila
November 4, 2021

Miss me? Who am I kidding? Of course, you did. So here I am to bring you three more books you obviously have to read. Note: I suggest books that I think everyone would enjoy, and I try to limit the amount of “trashy” books I choose because I don’t know if I can recommend too many of those. Also,...

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Each year, parents enjoy sharing aspects of their culture, having a better understanding about our world, and embracing diversity among Bishop’s families.
Diverse Countries, Diverse Foods: The International Potluck Dinner
Spencer Ralph, Staff Writer • November 18, 2021

On November 12th, 2021, many Bishop’s families, faculty, and students gathered at the International Potluck Dinner. The theme of this year’s potluck is “Sail the Seven Seas with Global Education”. One of the Performing Dance Group (PDG) performances also happened on the same night, with a...

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Tables with bins, for the Hearts to Hands food drive from November 4, 2021 to December 13, 2021, near the front of the drop off area filled with bags of canned food highlight the initiative the Bishop’s community has when getting involved to help out others in need.
From Bishops' Hearts to Hungry Hands
Bella Gallus, Staff Writer • November 18, 2021

As you made your way through the parking garage last week, you might have caught sight of a table with bins full of bags of canned food under a large sign reading "Canned Food Drive by Hearts to Hands and The Lucky Ducklings Club." This holiday season, Hearts to Hands has come to Bishop's, as the...

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Getting Festive with the Lucky Ducklings
Getting Festive with the Lucky Ducklings
Sydney Chan, Staff Writer • November 18, 2021

You’ve probably seen the crisp white sweatshirts with the creative clover-duck foot logo worn by members of the Lucky Duckling’s Club, created this school year, around campus.  This passionate group of 14 students is dedicated to “educat[ing] the youth on the homeless epidemic [in our own and...

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Critics and autistic people say Maddie Zeigler’s portrayal of autism in Sia’s new movie, Music, is inaccurate and offensive.
Music to Nobody’s Ears
Kyle Berlage, Graphics Editor-in-Chief • October 16, 2021

When Music—the first film produced, directed, and written by Australian pop star Sia—was released in January, five years after its conception and three years after its filming. The countdown to the release of the film then began, and with it came a new focus on the casting. Creating the movie after...

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With 37 plaques recognizing Boys’
accomplishments in the pool and 35
for the Girls’, both genders contribute
roughly equally to the School’s success.
Filled Bleachers
Max Stone, Staff Writer • May 23, 2021

“It always seemed like it was just the game that people watched for a few moments as they were walking past.”  Maggie Johnson ‘22 explained her feelings about the number of spectators at her games before COVID-19. I am a part of the Boy’s Water Polo team at Bishop's and Maggie is a part of...

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These stereotypes dehumanize Asian American women and downplay them to solely sexual objects. This dehumanization, in turn, perpetuates violence toward this community, and even encourages it.
Because We Are Invisible
Crystal Li, Copy Editor • May 23, 2021

Read the Tower's previous coverage here. “People on here literally debating if this was a misogynistic attack against women or a racist attack against Asians,” Jenn Fang, the founder of a long-running Asian-American feminist blog, Reappropriate, wrote in a bitterly illuminating Twitter thread....

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The play A Piece of My Heart displays the lives of women serving in the Vietnam War. It was the first Bishops production back in the theater after over a year of virtual and outside performances.
A Piece in the Making
Mihir Bhagatwala, Staff Writer • November 11, 2021

Performing arts are back in the Bishop’s theater! After a year of productions limited to the homes of actors (25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee)...

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Next Monday, November 15th, Malachi Black will be reading off his first book, Storm Toward Morning. As pictured on his website, his award-winning debut book explores “the openness of free verse with an uncompromising precision.”
Storm Towards Monday: Poet Malachi Black’s Upcoming Visit
Shirley Xu, Staff Writer • November 11, 2021

On Monday, November 15th at 4 pm, award-winning poet Malachi Black will be visiting the Bishop’s campus for a poetry reading and Q&A session....

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The Advanced Acting students run their own rehearsal in preparation for the show. Being student-run, students had full responsibility and authority when writing, directing, building props, and costuming for the performances.
Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary
October 28, 2021

‘Tis the season of jumpscares, trick or treating, creepy costumes, storytelling, and more. Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte is back, and Trader...

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This painting, called Among the Ashes, was inspired by the California wildfires and society’s obsession with material goods. “When people hear evacuation, the first thing they think of is all the stuff they have to pack up,” Sharisa explained.
Activism Through Art: Sharisa You's Senior Art Exhibition
Clare Malhotra, Editor-in-Chief • October 14, 2021

You might have seen the vibrant artwork of Senior Sharisa You gracing the stairwell on your way to the library’s bottom floor. A solitary brown...

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(left to right) Yasi Henderson, Aiden Gutierrez, Calvin Belmonte-Ryu, and Jackie Cosio cheering on our Varsity Football team at the cowboy themed game on September 4 against Rancho Christian
You Know, Fight Knights Fight!
Shyla Gupta, Staff Writer • November 11, 2021

Crowds roaring, students shouting, pom-poms flying in the air after the first touchdown. People cheering in bright and different themes of clothing,...

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Leila Feldman, Staff Writer • October 16, 2021

At the beginning of each season, captains are assigned to each varsity team and this trimester seven of them want to give you the details on...

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One Season, Three Mindsets
One Season, Three Mindsets
Ben Brown, Staff Writer • October 16, 2021

  Sprinting into battle, shoving opposition to the turf, and leaping to grab the leather ball spiraling towards you, then...BAM! The full...

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Bishops utilized popular video sharing platform TikTok to send important reminders to students.
Athletics Alterations
Lucie Edwards, Graphics Editor - Print • April 16, 2020

With the Bishop’s campus closed due to coronavirus, or COVID-19, academic, social and artistic aspects of student life have been altered. Classes...

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Abort the Law?
Lucy Marek, Staff Writer • November 15, 2021

On September 1, cries of triumph and despair alike broke out in households across the country. Texas’s new abortion law, Senate Bill 8, had just gone into effect and is now the United States’ most restrictive law regarding abortion. According to CNN Politics, it will prevent approximately 85% of abortions in the Lone Star State, and will drastically alter the lives of people living there. “Heartbeat...

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Scientific data, although undoubtedly vital for alerting our rational brain of the existence of a threat, does not galvanize our emotional brain into action, George Marshall, founder of the Climate Reach and Information Network, wrote in his book, Dont Even Think About It.
Pitfalls of Perception
Tate Vaccaro, Copy Editor • October 16, 2021

"2021 is a make-or-break year for climate action,” wrote the World Meteorological Organization in June. “The window to prevent the worst impacts of climate change—which include ever more frequent more intense droughts, floods, and storms—is closing rapidly.” In September, editors from over 200 health journals published a joint editorial stating, "The science is unequivocal; a global increase...

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Afghanistan: What’s Going On?
Leila Feldman, Staff Writer • October 14, 2021

In a mere three weeks, the Taliban, an extremist terrorist group, invaded and retook Afghanistan.  What led up to this happening? This is a multi-decade-old conflict but it really began in 1919. When King Amanullah Khan and his wife Queen Soraya came into power, they modernized Afghanistan to improve gender equality. The Queen was seen as a women's rights pioneer—she founded the first women’s...

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On November 9 many students, staff, and families came from 10am-4pm to get boosters and first doses.
Bishop’s Hosts a Vaccine Clinic for Students, Staff, and Families
Ben Brown, Staff Writer • November 11, 2021

If you think back to last spring, you may remember the stress and effort it took to reserve a COVID-19 vaccine. Reloading the website page, early in the morning, just hoping to get a time slot: getting the COVID-19 vaccine could be compared to a lottery!  Since the spring, more and more people have gotten their vaccines and the frantics of overscheduling have died down. On October 29, the FDA approved...

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Every registered voter in California was mailed a ballot to participate in the California Gubernatorial Recall Election on September 14, however polling places were open for those who wished to vote in-person.
Almost Ousted: The Failed Recall of Governor Newsom
Kyle Berlage, Graphics Editor-in-Chief • October 26, 2021

While America sat stable, California was electorally fired up. Almost a year into the Biden Administration, and with the 2022 midterm elections over a year away in November, the effort to recall Governor Gavin Newsom (D) has defined the political sphere in the state. Yet despite the charged environment surrounding Newsom’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, he was victorious in the vote held on September...

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The Great Revival: The Bishop's Lunch System
Sydney Chan, Staff Writer • October 16, 2021

“We are here for you guys. That’s the most important thing. We’re here for you,” said Ms. Sara Sweet, Director of Food Services. She and her team are dedicated to making a smooth transition from the COVID-19 lunch system of last year to the current system, which is closer to the days before the pandemic, and others are noticing. “I really love Sara and her team and everything that they...

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