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Sydney’s Suggestions: (Kinda) New Kids on the Block

Sydney Chan
The Premium Bosom Boiled in Various Herbs (upper right hand corner) from Yuk Dae Jang is everything you could ever want in a dish — the pork is tender, the lettuce wrap gives it a nice crunch, and the seasoned spicy radish and pickled sour plums take it to another level. The Prime Beef Bulgogi with Glass Noodle (upper left) is a classic and is a great option for those who want something delicious and reliable.

San Diego has grown to be quite the food hub over the past few years — restaurants continue to get creative with their dishes, there’s an abundance of new spots in Kearney Mesa, and quick takeout places keep popping up. So for this second-to-last edition of Syd’s Suggestion’s (I’m not crying, you’re crying), here are some sweet new-ish (as of about two years) spots you have got to hit up. 

  1. The Food Box – 976 Garnet Ave

The process of finding a new favorite spot starts with a strong craving — and this night, my dad and I were in the mood for a good burger. In-n-Out was there, yes, but we wanted to spice it up, so to Yelp we went, and we found The Food Box. Absolutely insane. While it first opened in Monterrey, Mexico in 2013, its first U.S. location opened in Pacific Beach in late 2022. First of all, these burgers are pretty huge, so do keep that in mind when your curiosity urges you to order A LOT. We ordered two burgers to share — the King James and the Spurgeon Infit. The King James has a thick patty glazed in a soy-honey marinade, topped with apple slices, smoked bacon, chipotle mayo, and a bunch of other stuff. To be honest, I didn’t really know all of those ingredients were present when I took that first bite, but I didn’t care. It was delicious, and hey, that’s all that matters. My favorite of the two was the Spurgeon Infit, which has another big beef patty, but what really puts it over the edge is the vibrant guac topped with crunchy chicarron. Absolutely divine. Their truffle fries and onion rings are pretty good too.

  1. Yuk Dae Jang – 7307 Clairemont Mesa Blvd

My mom and I first stumbled upon Yuk Dae Jang after an appointment in Kearny Mesa. We were both absolutely starving. From first glance, the restaurant has a clean, cool vibe, and the food couldn’t be described with any better adjectives. I absolutely love Korean food and have tried my fair share of seafood stews, and Yuk Dae Jang’s is good. I ordered the Seafood Premium Yukgaejang with custom-made ramyun (though you can also order it with glass noodles or fresh noodles), which wasn’t as spicy as I would’ve liked it — but is probably perfect for the majority of people. We also ordered the Spicy Baby Octopus and Veg Hand-Crafted Steamed Mandu, which had a great octopus flavor without being too fishy and came with this acidic, ponzu-type dipping sauce. We were in for a feast, so we also ordered the Premium Bosom Boiled in Various Herbs, accompanied with seasoned spicy radish and this unique pickled plum. It’s spicy and tangy and so good. And for those who like to stick to the classics, their Prime Beef Bulgogi with Glass Noodle is respectable.

  1. Chin’s Szechwan – La Jolla – 623 Pearl St

Last but not least is Chin’s Szechwan, which is conveniently right across the street from Bishop’s, next to the well-loved Taco Stand. In no way is this place authentically Sichuan (if you’re looking for that, Szechuan Chef and Sichuan Impression are MUSTS), but it’s a great place for a quick take-out. Grab the Vegetale Lo Mein and the classic Kung Mao Chicken, and DO NOT pass on the Hot and Sour Soup. Hot and Sour is my absolute favorite soup in the entire world, having a deep sour flavor complemented with a slow burning heat of the white pepper. Most restaurants make this soup super bland, but Chins’ has a lot of flavor and satisfies my craving every time.

As we prepare to say a sad and dear goodbye to Syd’s Suggestion’s, get hyped for the last edition of the year — SoCal All-Stars — in Issue 07. Until next time.

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Sydney Chan
Sydney Chan, Editor-in-Chief

Sydney Chan is an Editor-in-Chief for The Tower dedicated to discovering unique stories and bringing them to life through her pieces. She especially loves writing op-eds, covering the latest sports news, and publishing food reviews through her column, "Sydney's Suggestions." From dining at a great sushi restaurant, to watching her beloved Chicago Cubs play, to competing in Speech and Debate tournaments and Model UN conferences, to blasting 2Pac and SZA in the car, she's passionate about experiencing life to the fullest and aspires to lead The Tower with a similar aura, alongside the support of the publication's amazing team. Sydney is looking forward to another great year with The Tower and can't wait to share more beautiful pieces with the community.

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