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Crystal Li

Crystal Li, Copy Editor

A sophomore, Crystal Li joined The Tower last year in hopes of sharing her love of writing and improving on her time management skills – article deadlines, let’s get it done! From struggling in volleyball, breaking violin bows (3 broken bows in 3 years!) to binge-reading webtoons, her schedule is completely packed. Although she enjoys writing long essays–most of the time–she can’t help but find herself stressing over lab reports in Physics. When not on her laptop, you can find Crystal arguing with her younger brother about the most trivial things possible: dirty clothes on the floor, towels that are not hung perfectly, and messy handwriting (by now, you should know that she likes things to be neat and organized). Warning: keep your bags of Takis close to you when Crystal’s around. She definitely will ask for an overwhelming number of Takis from you. “Sharing is caring,” she expresses.

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