Sydney’s Suggestions: Best Croissants in La Jolla

Three of the best croissant bakeries, all within around five minutes of Bishop’s!


Sydney Chan

The Kouign Amann from Wayfarer Bread and Pastry is my absolute favorite — an airy and crunchy pastry, with a delicious and golden caramelized sugar bottom.

La Jolla has turned into quite the center for the best pastries in San Diego, as of late. For an unbelievably delicious after-school snack or for times when you’re missing Europe and craving a fresh and buttery piece of heaven, here are my top three favorite croissant bakeries! And what’s even more exciting? They are all within minutes from Bishops. Bon Appétit!

1. Wayfarer Bread and Pastry – 5525 La Jolla Blvd (takeout only)

A staple in La Jolllans’ lives for more than 10 years, Wayfarer’s croissants are some of the crunchiest I’ve ever had. Their Savory Spring Cream Bun is out of this world, a flakey croissant encasing a smooth potato mixture. But my absolute favorite item has to be the airy and crunchy Kouign Amann, a delicious, golden pastry with a caramelized sugar bottom. Think creme bruleé, but better.

2. il giardino di Lilli –  7467 Girard Ave (dine-in options)

I found out about il giardino di Lilli entirely by accident, when on a misty Sunday morning after visiting the farmer’s market near La Jolla Elementary, my mom wanted to grab a cup of coffee. We were immediately intrigued by the variety of pastries and the fluid wall-art. As the name suggests, this is an Italian cafe rather than French. Their Apple Tart — a fluffy circular croissant filled with light, sweet cream and sliced apples —  is to die for, and their Nutella Cornetto — an Italian take on a classic nutella croissant — is a close second.

3. Parisien Gourmandises – 7643 Girard Ave (dine-in options)

Even though Parisien Gourmandises is only a couple years old, it only came to my attention recently, thanks to a TikToker who drove more than two hours from LA to pay a visit. Located in the kitchen space of the former Sur La Table on Girard, their well-known rolled croissants are only served on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week. My sister is obsessed with their Nutella Danish, while my absolute favorite is their Ferrero Rocher Rolled Croissant, which is almost too pretty to eat. This bakery is also KSA certified Kosher, which is pretty rare in San Diego. I can’t wait to try their Challah bread next Friday.