Coach Joey Yusanas (‘00): Preparing Student Athletes for the Next Level


The Bishop's School

Coach Joey Yusanas (‘00) is looking forward to a great future at Bishop’s as a member of the School’s Athletic Department.

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Athletics Administrative Assistant and Boys’ Soccer Head Coach Joey Yusanas (‘00) is back at Bishop’s; this time, no longer as a student, but as an official member of our Athletics Department. Whether you’re part of the Boys’ Soccer Team, have recently taken or are taking an Optimal Fitness Class, or simply walked around campus, you’ve surely seen his smiling face.


What grade did you first enter Bishop’s? As a student, what was your favorite part about Bishop’s?

I entered in seventh grade, so I did all of seventh through twelfth grade [at Bishop’s]. There wasn’t sixth grade at the time. A lot of [my teammates] that I was playing [club] baseball with and soccer with also went to [Bishop’s]. Eight kids on my club soccer team went here. And that’s the best part. A lot of them are my best friends, they still live here, and I still see them. That’s one of the cool things from Bishop’s. The quality of people that come out of this school.

What brought you back to Bishop’s?

[Director of Student-Athlete & Coaching Development Mr.] Shane [Walton] asked me to be the assistant of the soccer team, and it was an honor to be asked. I then spent four years here, and just thought that this was the place for me to not only help teach kids soccer, but also just about life and how to be successful.

Now that you’ve come back to the School as a coach and new faculty member, has  your favorite part about the School changed? If so, what’s your current favorite thing about Bishop’s?

All the people I work with. I came from a job that was more or less just me, so being able to work with people who challenge me and teach me new things on a daily basis, I enjoy. And definitely the lunches. The lunches are great. 

Why did you decide to become a coach?

I actually became a scout before I became a coach. And the reason for that was because I wanted to help kids who have the ability and the desire to play at the next level. I want to help them get on that path. So I did some certifications to be a scout, and I think maybe six or seven years prior to coming here to coach, I was doing that. Identifying players, getting them into professional academies, and I’ve been [around] long enough where I can actually see them play at the highest level, is really cool. I want to bring back that kind of philosophy to Bishop’s and  have more of our student athletes to play at the next level. I think I have a lot of experience in that area with contacts, and hopefully we’ll be modifying some of those [athletes] to pursue that.

You also look at some of the top CEOs in the world, and 90 or 95% of them have played athletics at a pretty high level. So there is some correlation between what you learn in athletics: work ethic, dedication, punctuality, and preparation. All those kinds of life skills really translate into whatever you do beyond.

When you’re not in the weight room or on the field with the students, how do you choose to spend your time?

My biggest hobby is body surfing here at Marine Street. It was one of the things I learned when I was younger living here and studying at Bishop’s. But I also really enjoy just hanging out with my girlfriend and dog. We like to go to concerts, comedy shows, sporting events, all of the above.

What songs make up your workout playlist?

I think it just depends on your taste. I listen to punk rock. Some of my favorite bands are Pennywise, Bad Religion, Propagandhi; any of those are all motivational. Soccer, music, and the beach are my passions. 

In your opinion, what’s the best pre-practice snack?

I think just for nostalgic reasons, I’ll have to go with orange slices. Or some Capri Suns. 


“I’m grateful to be back here,” Coach Joey concluded. At Bishop’s, his greatest motivation is to prepare student athletes to become successful at the next level. “However I can help, that’s my goal,” he said.