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Social media has offered an inside look into the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Virtual Village

Clare Malhotra, Editor-in-Chief
February 28, 2022
This is what the Olympics should be all
about: athletes from different countries
coming together to not only compete and
bring pride to their nation but have fun and
enjoy each other’s company. Pictured are
the beach volleyball medalists at the 2016
Rio Summer Games.

From Moscow to Beijing

Sydney Chan, Staff Writer
February 25, 2022
15-year-old skating phenom Kamila Valieva of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) burst into tears following a disastrous free skate on February 17 at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. And when she stepped of the ice, there was no sympathy, no heart, no love–just overwhelming criticism.

Raducan to Valieva

Sydney Chan, Staff Writer
February 25, 2022
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