The Fun in A Fundraiser: Lucky Duckling’s Week

Emeraude Westlake, Staff Writer

The Lucky Ducklings, a Bishop’s service club, hosted a week-long fundraiser to raise money in their fight against homelessness in San Diego. From January 30 to February 3, the club organized bake sales, meal packing stations, and a popular spikeball tournament, raising in total $1,579.75. The sum will be matched by donors of the Lucky Duck Foundation for a total of $3,159.50 raised to help the Lucky Duckling’s cause. Prior to the fundraising week, the service club organized an educational enrichment period to explain the importance of the fundraiser’s cause — helping San Diego’s homeless population — so supporters could understand what their donations were going toward.

 Adelaide Kessler (‘25), a member of the Lucky Ducklings, said, “I felt like we were able to get people a lot more involved. …we had that enrichment period where people learned what [the fundraiser] was about.” She reflected, “We had a great turnout in the Spike Ball tournament. We had a lot of people packing bags and then I think our bake sales did really well.”