Fun and Friendship at the LASO Potluck

We’re trying to make everyone [of the Latino community] feel welcome here at Bishop’s,” Athena Hernandez (‘23), student co-leader of LASO explained. The LASO potluck, an idea that started in November of 2022 but was postponed due to cumulatives, finally was able to happen with the hard work of the LASO leadership. The new year potluck was filled with laughter from students of all grades and their families, and the multiple games allowed families to socialize with each other and get to know one another. From the food Lela Felix (‘26) described as “Deliciosa!” to Mexican bingo and the piñata, it was a night to remember. 





LASO hoped for a sense of community, and this potluck did just that, with lively music, fun games, and mouth-watering foods. Señora Torres laughs, “I hope [the tradition will continue]…students were already saying, ‘oh this was very good…’ we’ll see, we’ll see what happens next year.”