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Tristan Upton, Staff Writer

Tristan Upton is a junior staff writer for the Tower. At school, he is an angel. Just kidding. He pretty much sleeps all the time and should brush his teeth more. Tristan struggles to do his homework every day and also plays violin and tennis and runs. Some things he likes include eating lots of food, dreaming, browsing on his phone, and days off. His favorite foods are Cheetos, Takis, cookies, Panda Express, french fries, certain burritos, watermelons, Chick-Fil-A, chicken, fried chicken, cereals, fruits, bread, sausages, eggrolls, fish, donuts, energy drinks, and Doritos. He is always trying to improve on things like his grades. He is like an orange chicken looking for its chow mein.

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Hanukkah is celebrated with a nine-candled menorah, food, and games.

Hanukkah 101

December 19, 2019
Two of the cafeteria’s main rooms include multiple ovens, stoves, mixers, and tools.

A Recipe for Success

November 28, 2019
One of Naomi’s best portraits was featured in MoPa’s “Dreamscapes” exhibit, showcasing a young Indian boy living in poverty. She admires the sense of hope in his innocent eyes that long for a “better tomorrow.”

Pictures for Poverty

November 28, 2019
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