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Lily Gover

Lily Gover, Staff Writer

If you want to have a conversation with Lily, all you have to do is mention the words ‘field hockey’, and she will talk for hours. She is basically addicted to field hockey, but when she isn’t playing, watching, or thinking about the best sport to ever exist (which is pretty much never), you can find her cooking, watching Gilmore Girls (for the third time) and the Great British Baking Show (the best show), singing Ed Sheeran songs, or maybe studying if she finishes all that important stuff (just kidding stay in school kids). Lily prides herself on her scrambled eggs, which are so good she can’t eat scrambled eggs made by anyone else. One of her biggest struggles in life is asking for a glass of water at a restaurant then being forced to repeat it a thousand times, proceeding to fake an American accent, and if worse comes to worse, making one of her friends translate for her (ifykyk). Also, she uses parentheses too much (example A).

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