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Alex Cotton

Alex Cotton, Managing Editor

Alex Cotton really enjoys Digestives. They are super good. Alex is particularly fond of their chalky texture and flavor. Her favorite versions are the milk and dark chocolate ones. Alex last had digestives when she bicycled with her friend, Daniel, to purchase them from a store near Old Town San Diego. They bought a box of dark chocolate Digestives. They ate the whole box! The only problem with Digestives is that they are not vegan. They contain powdered milk! Gosh, darn it! While Alex remains vegan, she makes exceptions for Digestives because they are not commonly sold in the United States, as they are a British good. Also, Digestives are Alex’s second favorite food. She would eat them every day if she could. But, alas, she can not because she does not have easy access to Digestives. Do not fear! There is a British shop that sells Digestives in San Diego! This makes Alex very excited because, as previously mentioned, she loves Digestives. They are her second favorite food. In addition to Digestives, Alex really enjoys long walks and museums. Her absolute favorite museum is the mob museum in Las Vegas. She recently visited the cannibals museum. Afterwards she went to the British shop and bought digestives.

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