Everything You Need to Know About Cumulative Week


Lucie Edwards ('21)

The cumulative week schedule.

Cumulative week, a full week dedicated to final exams, is fast approaching. This year it falls on the week of December 16-20.

The administration is trying a different approach to cumulative exams by making class periods one hour and 40 minutes long. This change is intended to maximize the amount of time teachers have with their students, as they cannot assign any homework during the week. Students will only have three classes per day, separated by a milk break, enrichment, and lunch. The enrichment is intended to be advisory time to stagger middle school and upper school lunches.

Elise Watson (’22) approves of the change: “I think it can welcome a more organized, straightforward system for students. I also like that the last day is reserved for makeups because it helps gear the overall Bishop’s mindset toward students and eases their stress levels.” 

However, it’s important to remember that this week will not make or break grades – the final cannot weigh more than any other test – as well as remembering the importance of managing stress and mental health. “This is an important time to consider your stress levels. I like to study a lot the weekend before so I feel well prepared for cumulative week,” shared Neal Mehta (’21). Some other ways to reduce stress during this difficult time can include getting extra sleep, taking time to eat healthy and enjoyable food, and creating a study plan so as to avoid last-minute cramming. Peer Support has decorated their bulletin board near the cafeteria to include other suggestions of ways to reduce stress during cumulatives.