Stanley Stans

Why you should buy the Stanley cup


Sophomores Ella Willingham and Laine Jeffrey pose with their Stanley cups that they loyally bring to school and practice every day.

For a while there, hydro flask was the way to go — it kept drinks cold for hours, came in many colors, and was easy to carry. However, the Stanley has a few traits that the hydro flask doesn’t — a handle, the ability to fit in the cup holder, and new colors (the most important, obviously.) When I first heard about this new Stanley cup, I thought it looked bulky and I didn’t understand the difference between that and my hydroflask. However, as I saw more pop-up on campus (and saw there was a hot pink color) I was convinced I needed it. 

The Stanley cup proves superior to the Hydroflask – and beyond. The Stanley is unlike any other water bottle you’ve experienced before. If you’re someone who struggles to stay hydrated, or you just feel like you need a change of pace in your daily hydration routine, this life-changing tool is guaranteed to deliver. 

Or, maybe you have no interest in the amount of water you consume. In that case, it’s more a matter of how you consume it. In this day and age, with all of the stressful factors of life as a Bishop’s student, we believe it is important to romanticize as many aspects of your routine as possible. The Stanley cup will do just that – it may not solve ALL of your problems, but with its fun, trendy look and convenient straw and handle, it will totally change your outlook on hydration. Thus, it will improve your overall quality of life!

Stanley user Blanche Arnold (‘25) exclaimed, “I drink so much water because of the straw! It takes no effort to drink out the straw!” Laine Jeffrey (‘25) agreed, “My hydration skills have improved tremendously ever since getting my Stanley.” Erin Ellsworth (‘23) agrees saying that “the straw is more entertaining and easier to drink out of so I end up drinking a lot more water during the way.” 

When asked about some of the criticism people have towards the Stanley, Blanche thinks it is completely unbiased. We agree! Blanche said, “As much as everyone tries to trash it, as soon as they sip out of it they love it.” Laine agreed, going one step further saying that “water tastes so much better out of the straw,” and it’s “so much more fun to drink water!” Honestly, I wouldn’t pass up hydration and fun — I’m not lame. 

In fact, Laine loves it so much that she bought her best friend, Natalie Marvin (‘25), a sleek navy blue one for her birthday. Natalie could only describe the water bottle as “life-changing.” Blanche described it as “magic!” You don’t want to miss out on something, life-changing or magical do you?

Not only does it improve hydration, but it can sit in your car cup holder. As previous hydro flask owners, you had to sit with the hydro flask in your lap as you drove — not safe at all. However, the Stanley fits perfectly in your cup holder, which, as Laine explained, is “much safer,” and “way easier to drink.” Riley Brunson (‘25) also added that the handle makes it a lot more convenient. “It’s much better than the Hydroflask with a straw, because it only has that little loop.” 

“It’s my emotional support waterbottle,” said Riley. “I would 100% recommend it to other people.”

The Stanley cup is worth the hype, and we believe it’s also well worth the price point — $45 when being sold for full price, which is right around the price of the same-sized straw Hydroflask. When you buy the Stanley, you are making an investment for your future! Don’t pass up on this opportunity to unlock your true potential – you will not be disappointed. (Not sponsored.)