Bish Bowl: A Knight to Remember

A flurry of school-pride: tracking Bish Bowl 2022


Summer Hu

A Bishop’s tradition, Bish Bowl occurred on October 28th. Students came out to the football game with the spirit this year, sporting maroon and gold clothing and signs.

Summer Hu, Story Editor




Bish Bowl is one of the most highly-anticipated school traditions of the year. It did not disappoint this year. With a plethora of different pre-game activities, sports games, food, and, of course, the football game, feelings of joy and excitement filled the air. This year, the theme was gold and maroon — Bishops’ school colors. Bish Bowl is more than just a football game, though. As evidenced by the bustling Quad, smoky clouds drifting from the grills, and cheering student sections, it is a way for the Bishop’s community to come together and celebrate each other’s company and experience the feelings of ardent school pride.













One of the biggest highlights of Bish Bowl is the community bonding. Bish Bowl allows people to truly experience what it means to be a knight. 

Bish Bowl is a wonderful tradition with so many attractions to visit. The colors, people, and exciting atmosphere make the event all the more fun. Until the next Bish Bowl!