Hola Señora Uhland

Welcoming Spanish 2 and Spanish 3 Honors teacher Nicole Uhland


Nicole Uhland provides students with a useful piece of advice, saying, “Enjoy the process, and be okay with not being perfect and growing and learning, and enjoy it because it goes by very fast.”

You might know Spanish Teacher Nicole Uhland from class or might have seen her cheering on the Knights at recent football games. As a new member of the Bishop’s community, Sra. Uhland said, “I will learn the dungeon chants and that is my promise.”

She supports the Las Vegas Raiders, Oakland Athletics, Sacramento Kings, and Notre Dame. She was born in Texas but raised in Northern California. Sra. Uhland’s life right now is as busy as it was when she was younger. She said, “Before I was 18, I already moved 12 times in my life, growing up I went to many schools”. She moved to San Diego in 2003 and has since resided here. Moving 12 times took a toll on Sra. Uhland; she said, “Freshman year I went to a big school, 10th-grade a small school. The school was the size of Bishops’.”

Sra Uhland’s love for Spanish started a while ago. She was the oldest of three, a brother and a sister, and “I played school with them. My dad made us play in the backyard and I would pretend to be an art teacher.” What started as playing school in the backyard with her siblings turned into 16 years of teaching experience.

In college Sra. Uhland wanted to study law but she did not want to go to school for that. In the end, Sra. Uhland took something she was passionate about and decided to become a teacher.

Sra. Uhland also decided to teach Spanish because of a “life-changing experience”. She studied Spanish in college and was part of a deeper immersion program. Sra. Uhland went to Mexico for the first time and fell in love with it and “ended up living in Mexico twice and deciding to teach [Spanish].” This trip was one of the sparks that fueled her passion and love for Spanish. Another spark was a bad high school Spanish experience so she wanted to teach Spanish to make it fun.

Sra. Uhland started her teaching career at Urban Court Schools, then she moved to Christian High school, then to Francis Parker, and finally to The Bishop’s School. Of the last 16 years, 13 years have been teaching AP Spanish. She has also been teaching Mock Trial for five years where she currently is the head coach for the Bishop’s team.

There was even an interesting backstory to how Sra. Uhland ended up teaching here. Sra. Uhland worked with Dolores Williamson at Christian High and both shared an interest in teaching at Bishop’s. She said, “I kind of always knew in my heart that I was gonna make my way to Bishop’s but I didn’t realize it was gonna be this soon.”

Two other things Sra. Uhland loves, are the food at Bishop’s, especially the Cesar salads and croutons. The other thing she loves is her students, with confidence Sra. Uhland said she loves to teach because “100% the students… high school is an important time in your life, and you guys are discovering who you are, and what you want to do, and I love to be a part of that.”