Sweatshirts: The Next Chapter

On May 18th, seniors got to flex their future colleges on campus.

Summer Hu and Kayden Wang

Wednesday, May 18th was College Apparel Day where the seniors got to represent their colleges at school. As the Class of 2022’s seniors are moving onto the next chapter of their lives, they had the opportunity to celebrate their last weeks at Bishop’s, while showing off the culmination of their Bishops careers. When we interviewed these seniors, we asked them to reflect on their time at Bishop’s, and what they were most excited about going into college. Some seniors chose to stay on the west coast, attending schools like USC or Claremont Mckenna. Others are attending schools on the east coast or even beyond, moving out of the country to attend schools like Mcgill and NYU Shanghai. The Tower annual College Map shows where seniors, who responded to the survey, will be attending next year. 

Despite the lighthearted feel of the occasion, there is also much debate surrounding whether or not “college sweatshirt culture” is toxic. Co-Editor-In-Chief Sariah Hossain goes more in depth with this debate in her opinion article, “The Old College Story.” She argues that “college apparel day…feels like a microcosm of everything painful about how we talk about college admissions [at Bishop’s].” Although there may be some more research done to further discuss this problem, for now, the Class of 2022 is ready to move on and experience new places and culture. 

Julian Tang (‘22) who will be attending Boston University and Mike Houk (‘22) who will be attending Claremont Mckenna College flexed their respective schools. (Summer Hu)



Jack Hertz (‘22) who will be attending University of Wisconsin, Nicky Clotfelter (‘22) who will be attending Occidental College, and Connor Macomber (‘22) who will be attending Purdue University stood in the milk break line for one of the last times this year. (Summer Hu)



Marianna Pecora (‘22) will be attending George Washington University. “I am most excited to live in downtown D.C. and live next to the president!” she said. (Summer Hu)



Alexandra Midler (‘22) who will be attending Stanford, Ariana Welsbie (‘22) who will be attending Washington University at St. Louis, and Belen Suros (‘22) who will be attending Bates College. Belen said she is most excited for the academic flexibility in college and being able to explore her major. Ariana and Alexandra agreed that “meeting new people” was definitely the thing they were looking forward to the most. (Summer Hu)



Paige Walker (‘22) who will be attending New York University (NYU), Kyle Perlman (‘22) who will be attending New York University Shanghai, Emerson Rider (‘22) who will be attending Gettysburg College, and Sancia Milton (‘22) who will be attending Duke University. When asked what they were looking forward to in college, Emerson and Kyle agreed on “trying new things.” (Summer Hu)



Four Knights will be switching their ‘B’ sweatshirts for Broncos sweatshirts. Rhett LaRocca (‘22), Charlie Johnson (‘22), Stephen Marren (‘22), and Logan Howard (‘22) will all be attending Santa Clara University next year. (Summer Hu)