In the Spirit

A photo story on the best outfits of spirit week 2022


Summer Hu, Story Editor

From February 21-25, the Bishop’s community got into the festive mood of spirit week by dressing up in a variety of different fits, counting down the days until the grand Airband performance and the beginning of spring break. From dressing up as glamorous celebrities to wearing black and white or gray to celebrate the juniors and seniors during power bowl, the Bishop’s campus got hyped by participating in ASBC-led spirit week! 

Monday’s theme was Retro Day, followed by Tuesday as Celebrity Day. Wednesday was Career Day. Thursday was Power Bowl, which dictated that students of even-numbered grades wear the senior class’ colors and odd-numbered grades wear the juniors’. Finally, to conclude Spirit Week, Friday was Tourist Day and, of course, airband. 

Most students enjoy dressing up during spirit week. ASBC Spirit Representative Novalyne Petreikis (‘23) said that spirit week added fun to the final week before spring break. “I’ve enjoyed dressing up for spirit week not only because it can be a fun topic of conversation but also because it gave me something to look forward to last night amidst the sea of homework I had,” she said.

On Monday, students got their groove on with a retro themed free-dress day. The retro style, according to Novalyne, could be “any style ranging from the 60’s-90’s”

On Tuesday, instead of students, celebrities walked around campus! Students could either dress as their favorite celebrity or even an iconic movie or T.V show character. With celebrity themed free-dress, there were many star-sightings that day.

On Wednesday, students dressed as different careers. They definitely got the JOB done.


On Thursday, students got ready for power bowl. Around an intense game of capture-the-flag between the juniors and seniors, a sea of black, white, and gray surrounded the playing area. 6th, 8th, and 10th graders cheered on the seniors. 7th and 9th graders cheered on the juniors.

The build-up to Friday, the last day of spirit week, was concluded with tourist day and a thrilling airband performance. Students wore tacky tropical tourist shirts, fanny packs, and shorts to wrap up a wonderful spirit week.