Getting Festive with the Lucky Ducklings

How this passionate service group is contributing to the homeless during the holidays

Sydney Chan, Editor-in-Chief

You’ve probably seen the crisp white sweatshirts with the creative clover-duck foot logo worn by members of the Lucky Duckling’s Club, created this school year, around campus. 

This passionate group of 14 students is dedicated to “educat[ing] the youth on the homeless epidemic [in our own and other cities] through education, fundraising, and hands-on service work,” Co-Leader/Founder Emma Marshall (‘22) shared. 

After being approached by the CEO of the Lucky Duck Foundation, seniors Emma, Elias Herrera, Charlie Johnson, and Nicky Clotfelter knew they wanted to inspire students to take action. After just one semester of service, the group has been able to raise around $2,000 in donations through sales. They have also organized a canned food drive, and have brought more awareness through chapel talks. 

Last Friday, November 12, the club held a Holiday Card Writing event during middle and upper school lunch in the hopes of bringing some extra positivity to the homeless, encouraging them to keep moving forward. Students came by the table at various times to write cards with positivity and encouragement, filling the box quickly with words of joy. 

“We want to continue our work as we move into the New Year by ensuring that each project has a purpose and impact,” Emma expressed. Be sure to look around the school for flyers presented by the club, and get excited for whatever the Lucky Duckling’s club does next!