October 17-19: She Kills Monsters

On October 17, the dark comedy play She Kills Monsters will make its Bishop’s debut. 

The story follows a young woman named Agnes Evans, played by senior Sydney Gerlach, who embarks on a journey after finding her dead sister Tilly’s notebook. Theatre Director Mr. Nathan Emmons described the show as “a rockstar adventure through a Dungeons and Dragons game, circa 1995.” 

According to the New York Times, She Kills Monsters brings the fantasy role-playing game to life on the stage, in a story of self-discovery, imagination, and adventure, complete with bloodthirsty fairies, cunning elves, giant demons, and plenty of stage combat. “It was really cool learning how to beat someone up and make it look realistic and cool without actually hurting who you are fighting,” explained Kathryn Silva (’23), a member of the ensemble. 

The play is not only dark and twisted; it’s also funny. Joseph Aguilar (‘22), who plays nerdy Dungeon Master Chuck Biggs, described it as “a hilarious riot with awesome fights and touching messages.” He says it has been an amazing experience for the actors and will be incredible for the audience. “It’ll blow you away.”