Bishop’s Debate Team Sweeps Tournament


PC: Matthew Valji

Members of the Speech and Debate team posed in front of their “base.”

Kasie Leung, Staff Writer

On October 18,  Bonita Vista High held the first Congress/Lincoln-Douglas/Policy tournament of the year.

“It was a great experience and I learned a lot from my fellow Senators. The experience united us in the face of a common objective,” said Annalise Chang who made finals in the Novice Congress division. 

The tournament was the second tournament of the year and contained three events: Congress, Lincoln-Douglas, and Policy. Bishop’s students participated in the first two events: 29 students competed in Congress and 4 students competed in Lincoln-Douglas. Bishop’s did particularly well in Congress. In Novice Congress, competitors from Bishop’s made up 6 out of 15 who qualified for finals and in Varsity Congress, 8 out of 15  spots in finals were held by Bishop’s competitors. In the Novice Division, Will Keefe (‘23) won first place. In second was Kasie Leung (‘23), in fourth was Audrey An (‘23), in sixth was Claire Nelson (‘20), in seventh was Niamh Malhotra (‘23), and Annalise Chang (‘23) came in twelfth. The Varsity Congress was similarly impressive. Timmy Kelly (‘20) came in fourth, Andrew Bender (‘20) came in fifth, Quinn Rodriguez (‘20) came in sixth, Maya Ebel (‘21) came in eighth, Kyle Berlage (‘22) came in ninth, Whitney Hejmanowski (‘20) came in eleventh, Schuyler Capita (‘21) came in twelfth and Austin Yang (‘21) came in fifteenth.