Little Blessings on the Bishop’s Campus


Bishop’s students love their pets; among the furry friends present were snakes, birds, a rabbit, and even a hedgehog! From left to bottom right: Tanvi Ghosh (‘22) and her dog Kiki, Haha Shi (‘22), Wyatt Stone (‘26) and his dog Duke, Soyoon Park (‘22) and Petunia “Tuna” Minagawa.

Thursday, October 3 marked the Blessing of the Animals, a beloved Bishop’s tradition, where the quad was filled with students waiting eagerly in line to have their pets blessed by School Chaplain Reverend Nicole Simopoulos-Pigato.

Reverend Simopoulos, who helped organize the event, said, “It is an opportunity to give thanks for and bless the pets in our lives that bring us so much joy and love.” Reverend Simopoulos also assisted in blessing the animals with Holy Water by feeding it to them via banana leaf, and sprinkling a bit on their head. Maggie Johnson (‘22), loves the community bonding aspect of Blessing of the Animals. She says, “Students talk to each other in a way you don’t normally see on campus, everyone wants to interact with the animals.” 

The event took place the day before World Animal Day and the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, and was implemented to honor him as the patron saint of animals. For the celebration, Bishop’s students were encouraged to bring their animals or any of their belongings to be blessed in St. Francis’ name..