School Spirit Peaks at Bish Bowl 2019


PC: Lucie Edwards ('21)

Bishop’s Varsity Football team played against Francis Parker School 9/27/19, eventually beating them 53-13. From left to right: Dash Tsai (‘20), Julen Givelber (‘20), Savannah Maye (‘20), and Claire Nelson (‘20).

On Friday, September 30, students and families participated in Bish Bowl, the most attended Bishop’s sports event of the year. Bish Bowl is unlike any other football game, as students are given free spirit dress with the theme of blackout. Bish Bowl is not just about the football game: its on-campus festivities start four hours before kickoff. There was a feeling of anticipation buzzing around the quad, with students buying baked goods and candies from community service clubs, watching Mamma Mia! in the student center, enjoying the music of the Bishop’s Jazz Band, and striping their faces with their class colors. Bishop’s Dean of Students Mr. Michael Beamer brought out his apron and grill, and cooked up free hotdogs and burgers for all students and their families to savor.  

During all this excitement, students also attended both Varsity and Junior Varsity Volleyball games against Santa Fe Christian and a Varsity Field Hockey game against Point Loma High School. Soon, as the sun dipped behind St. Mary’s Chapel, the Dungeon– with the help of Schuyler Capita (‘21) dressed as the Bishop’s Knight– began to lead Bishopians in a series of cheers on the terrace, preparing everyone for the 0.8 mile walk to La Jolla High School. Students were given free admission to the game to encourage everyone to attend, and upon entering were directed to their designated section based on their class. 

After getting settled in the cement bleachers, students watched as the Bishop’s Singers stepped out onto the bright green turf of La Jolla High’s Gene Edwards Stadium and prepared to sing the National Anthem. Illuminated by large floodlights located around the field’s periphery and amplified by two microphones, the singers performed beautifully, and as Dolce Feenaghty (‘22) hit the high C note, students with their right hands over their hearts turned to their friends in amazement. 

As the neon clock on the south end of the field displayed 7:00 p.m., the Varsity Football team broke from their huddle and fanned out into their opening positions, mirroring the players from Francis Parker. Lucas Buu-hoan (‘21) paced along the sideline throughout the game with a fil

m camera, getting clips for Knight Vision, a club at Bishop’s dedicated to filming, editing, and posting highlights of Bishop’s athletes on their Instagram account @officialknightvision.


After the game’s first quarter, it was time for the mascot race. Each class nominated one representative to dress up like their class mascot and participate in a sprinting race against the other classes. It looked as though ninth grade representative Anya Pierce (‘23) was going to secure victory for the freshman class, but at the last second Dhruvi Banerjee (‘21) sped past her in his tiger print onesie, bringing home the win for the Junior class. 

Dressed as the Bishop’s Knight, Schuyler Capita (‘21) ran back and forth in front of the bleachers, getting students excited about the game going on behind him. PC: Lucie Edwards (’21)

The second quarter came and went, Bishop’s was far ahead of Parker, and the Middle School Flag Football team shuffled onto the field for their halftime game. The team split into two teams: yellow and red, and played against each other, felt the pressure of performing in front of their classmates and families, and worked out the kinks in their touchdown victory dances. 

Between the third and fourth quarters, every class presented a grade-wide cheer to a panel of judges including English teacher Ms. Michelle Shea. The senior class won the competition with their cheer that included participation from beloved senior class sponsor Mr. Dana Pierce. 

During the fourth quarter, fans waved their black pompoms in support of the players on the field. The game came to a close, and the Varsity Football team left the stadium victorious, beating Francis parker 53-13. The bleachers began to empty of students hoping to look well-rested for Saturday’s Homecoming Dance, which took place in the Manchester Board Room and was decorated to fit this year’s theme of Ancient Greece.