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Fury vs. Nagnnou: Switching It Up For A Scrap

We take a look at whether the highly anticipated boxing match between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou is worth spending money on
Daily Mail/ Phillip Sharkley/ TGS photo/ Shuttershock
Both Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou are considered to be supreme in their respective combat sports.

In a fight that can only be described as a fever dream for people who like to watch fighting, one of the biggest stars in boxing will face one of the biggest stars in mixed martial arts this weekend. On October 28th, 2023, former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight Champion, which includes fighters between 225 and 265 pounds, Francis Ngannou, will leave Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for the sweet science of boxing to fight the World Boxing Council (WBC) Heavyweight Champion, which includes fighters weighing over 200 pounds, Tyson Fury. While this will be Fury’s 34th professional boxing match, Ngannou will be making his professional boxing debut.

Although it is not uncommon for MMA and boxing fans to theorize how MMA fighters would do in boxing, and vice versa, it is very rare that it actually happens. Both Ngannou and Fury have been hinting at a fight between each other for quite some time. ESPN has been referring to the matchup as “the baddest man in mixed martial arts versus the baddest man in boxing.”

However, Bishop’s fight fans, and experts of combat sports, express some serious questions about the legitimacy of this fight. 

With a MMA record of 17 wins, just three losses, and 12 knockouts (which is forcing an opponent to stop fighting) Ngannou is infamous for his imposing figure and earth-shattering punches. Though he’s considered sloppy by some, his six feet four inches, 250 plus pound build and raw strength more than compensates for his lack of technique; many of his opponents go limp after he hits them. Considering that UFC president, Dana White, said in a press conference that Ngannou’s punching power is greater than that of a sledgehammer being swung at you with full force, it is obvious why he is called “The Predator.”

I was able to catch up with some fellow Bishop’s fight fans, who believe that “The Predator” is no joke. Henry Armstrong (‘25) said, “He’s an animal.” Kayvon Minakadeh (‘26) remarked, “He’s powerful…When he swings, it’s with his entire body, not just his fist…I think Fury gets knocked out in round nine (as in the ninth three-minute interval of 10).”  

As for Tyson Fury, he has also amassed an impressive record of 33 wins, one draw, no losses, and 24 knockouts. However, Fury’s achievements have come in boxing. According to his biography, he became a European Union Junior Champion and Amateur Boxing Association National Champion by age 20. Fury then turned professional and quickly blasted through his earliest professional opponents with his long arms, perfect technique, and footwork that is considered advanced for a heavyweight. In 2015, after defeating 11 year reigning WBC Champion, Vitali Klitchko, Fury went on to earn the World Boxing Association, International Boxing Association, International Boxing Federation, World Boxing Organization, International Boxing Organization, Lineal, and Ring Magazine Heavyweight titles. 

Unfortunately, he had to take a long break from boxing to battle his mental health problems, which forced him to lose his titles since he must defend those titles to retain them. However, he would eventually go on to retrieve his WBC Championship after defeating Deontay Wilder in a rematch. These accolades throughout his career have rightly earned Fury the nickname “Gypsy King.”

The “Gypsy King’s” tremendous achievements are admired by boxing fans such as Henry who said of Fury, “He’s one of the greatest heavyweights of all time… I’m definitely betting on Fury.” 

Though the students had much praise for Ngannou and Fury, one could not help but notice a hint of disapproval for both of the fighters. Even though Evan Hamadeh (‘26) said that he’s “a big France (Francis Ngannou) guy,” he also said, “I don’t know if he [Ngannou] should explore boxing. I mean, he was going to fight Jon Jones.”

Jon Jones is the current UFC Heavyweight Champion. Ngannou has faced much criticism for switching over toboxing. The switch over to boxing came after Ngannou declined a 10 million dollar contract with the UFC, in favor of a contract with the Professional Fight League many MMA fans have been demanding that he face Jones. ESPN has reiterated that even though Nagnnou has claimed to be the best heavyweight in MMA, many feel Jones could give him a run for his money. 

Fury is in a similar predicament as Ngannou. Since Ukrainian Heavyweight, Olexander Usyk, holds the WBO, WBA, IBO, and IBA titles, while Fury only holds the WBC title, boxing fans have been wanting for a fight that would unify the belts under one champion. However, since Fury is fighting Ngannou, this would delay a much-anticipated match-up. According to Sports Illustrated, many boxing fans think that Ngannou will be an easy fight since it will be the MMA star’s first professional boxing match; this has added to Fury’s criticism. Current English Cruiserweight Champion, Viddal Riley, concurs with this sentiment, and said on his YouTube channel, “As a fan, I am bitterly disappointed because I want to see Fury vs. Usyk… and Fury’s last three fights, are not fights we want to see.” 

“If you know anything about fighting, (Ngannou vs Fury)’s a silly conversation.”

— - Ultimate Fighting Championship President, Dana White

Both Ngannou and Fury have serious challenges in their respective combat sports that Evan, Viddal Riley, and myself, have been waiting patiently for. While Ngannou is expected to fight Jones to solidify his supremacy in the UFC Heavyweight Division, Fury is expected to face Usyk in order to be the undisputed best heavyweight boxer in the world. However, both men are clearly enthusiastic about this match. Furthermore, both men have resumes to prove that they are both exceptional athletes who can put on a great performance for fight night. So, despite the backlash that Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou have faced, many are still going to tune in to the showdown between “The Baddest Men on the Planet.”

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