Need a Tampon?

New Free Period Products Arrive in Bathrooms


There are now three dispensers in every girls’ and all-gender restrooms: one for paper towels, one for soap, and one for free menstrual products.

Since January, Head of Facilities Mr. Williams and Senior Class President Katelyn Wang worked together to include period products in as many girls’ and all-gender bathrooms on campus as possible. 

Katelyn spearheaded this project. She believed that providing free pads and tampons in the bathrooms is a “collective gain because it focuses on wellbeing.” She continued saying, this “shows that the Bishop’s school community does care about the most specific student needs.” 

According to the National Health Service (NHS) periods typically begin around the age of 12. Although many people may see them later or earlier. 

The new products were purchased from GoAuntFlo, a mission dedicated to providing pads and tampons for schools, offices, and other places of collaboration. The CEO of GoAuntFlo, Claire Coder, strives to “educate everyone on periods and the importance of having products readily available for when people get their period unexpectedly.” 

Originally, Katelyn started this project when she was “interested in this question about the accessibility of products across campus.” She went to the Dean of Students Ms. Michelle Shea to voice her concerns. After the logistics were figured out, Ms. Shea, Nurse Mrs. Susie Fournier, and Mr. Williams helped Katelyn make her project a reality. 

Mr. Williams explained that originally they were going to “place a small order” to test out the products. He said, with a laugh, “Obviously it was a big success.” Since the launch, many different faculty have reached out to Mr. Williams asking for products in the bathrooms nearest to them. 

Mr. Williams concluded by saying that he wants to help support menstruators’ comfort at all turns.