Bella Bot or Matilda Minion?

Bella Hadid and Matilda Djerf curate timeless, elegant, and effortless outfits that have left a lasting impact on the fashion world.


@matildadjerf on Instagram

Matilda Djerf shows off a stylish fall outfit, featuring a Djerf Avenue blazer, which often shows up in her day-to-day outfits

Bella Hadid, a 25-year-old supermodel, who is often referred to as a “nepo baby” (someone who gained opportunities because of their more famous parents), and Matilda Djerf, a Swedish influencer, and business owner could not be more different. Yet, both have significantly influenced the fashion world.

Bella Hadid, daughter of Yolanda Hadid, a star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has quickly become one of the most sought-after models in our generation. During fashion month, from September 9 to October 4, she debuted on over  20 runways, but in between shows and traveling, the paparazzi caught her mastering many “model-off-duty” looks. 

The model-off-duty look Hadid curates is a combination of archive vintage and emerging designer pieces, according to Vogue. She is able to take layering and monochromatic looks to a whole new level, creating a new and unique look every time. Seffi Morrison (‘27), a follower of Bella Hadid, added that she liked how Hadid didn’t “just have one style, all of her outfits are very different.” 

Hadid is well-known for utilizing the idea of pairing a small top, like crop tops, or tank tops, with bigger bottoms, like flowy trousers, or baggy jeans. Often with this, she has a standout accessory to draw others in. Surina Verma (‘26), also a follower of Bella Hadid on Instagram, noted, “Whether that’s her chunky rings or bulky and over-the-top necklaces, something always sticks out and catches your eye.”  She creates the perfect silhouette, effortless and chic, while still allowing “her personality to peek through,” said Surina.

Djerf is also an expert at achieving this “It Girl” style. Djerf founded Djerf Avenue, an online clothing brand, with her boyfriend Rasmus Johansson in 2019. The brand focuses on simple staple items that are elegant and comfortable. It quickly grew and is expected to make 22 million dollars in sales revenue this year. According to the Djerf Avenue website, the brand aims to “embody the confident, chic, and laid-back person on the go.” 

Like Hadid, Djerf’s looks are always cohesive and elegant. Her pieces are timeless and effortless. Riley Brunson (‘25) a follower of Djerf on Instagram, added that  “if one wants to recreate the style, it can be done within a reasonable price range” and, “there is a lot more flexibility in how one would achieve her look.”

This adds to her influence on fashion. Her social media accounts, specifically TikTok and Instagram, feature her lifestyle and fashion in a relatable way “that doesn’t feel too out of reach,” said Chelsea Davignon, a senior strategist at Fashion Snoops, in a New York Times interview.

Whether it was Hadid selling out Adidas Sambas, or Djerf popularizing flowy button-downs paired with blazers, both created seemingly attainable styles that encapsulate so much. Seffi agreed, “It is all across the board…from streetwear to glam, and everything in between.”

Riley said Djerf’s emphasis on “the idea of a staple wardrobe has gained popularity because it really supports sustainability and staying away from fast fashion trends.” Hadid and Djerf utilize timelessness, which leads to consumers slowly pulling away from the unsustainable trend cycles. You feel like you are investing in a piece of clothing that could last a lifetime rather than just a week.

Hadid and Djerf have made lasting impacts on fashion. Their emphasis on sustainability, elegance, and chic-ness has created the ultimate “It Girl” style.

Bella Hadid pairs a Dilara Fidikoglu, Turkish-British fashion designer, top with baggy jeans, tying into her normal small top and larger bottoms type outfit. (@bellahadid on Instagram)