High Spirits: Bishop’s students and faculty embrace the Spirit Week theme of Rhyme without Reason

Emeraude Westlake, Staff Writer

Rhyming pairs such as “Police and Grease,” “Alpine and Valentine,” “Cow and Kachow,” and others filled the quad on Wednesday, October 26. Peer Support and the School’s Associated Student Body Council (ASBC) chose the spirit week theme: Rhyme without Reason. In this viral party theme on TikTok, couples or groups of friends attend themed parties dressed up in rhyming costumes. In the videos, the pairs reference the costumes of other duos, creating suspense for the viewers as they await the reveal.

ASBC Secretary Mia Bravo (‘24) said, “It definitely was more successful because of the TikTok trend…The theme itself is a lot of fun and has a lot of freedom to it, but the trendy aspect always helps.”