Ms. Reese Henderson: Scheduling a Great Year


Cal State San Marcos Athletics

Ms. Reese Henderson is more than just Bishop’s Event Planner and Assistant Campus Scheduler. Just a few years ago, she starred at California State San Marcos as a guard on the Women’s Basketball Team.

Whenever new Event Planner and Assistant Campus Scheduler Ms. Reese Henderson walks by in the halls, she is also appreciating the tradition and history of those walls at Bishop’s hold. With a beam in her eyes, she admitted that she’s “secretly a huge history nerd.” But this is just one of the many interesting things about Ms. Henderson that many do not yet know about her yet. So whether you are already familiar with this new addition to Bishop’s, or just being introduced, there is sure to be something new you can learn from her.  

Q: What was the appeal of Bishop’s that made you want to work here?

The Bishop’s School was very appealing to me for many reasons. One of them being,

since I grew up in San Diego, I knew how prestigious of a school it [is]. I also love [its] history. I’m secretly a huge history nerd, so being able to walk through the halls and enjoy the hundred-year-old photos and the original architecture every day is amazing. Also, the people are so kind and caring!

Q: Could you give me a brief overview of your background?

I was born and raised in San Diego. I grew up in North County and always played sports

when I was young. I ran cross country for 7 years and played basketball for 10 years before moving on to play at the collegiate level for Cal State San Marcos for 2 years. After basketball is when I found event planning, and I enjoyed it so much that I pursued it further after I graduated. I was an event planner for Cal State San Marcos before coming to The Bishop’s School.

Q: What is your favorite Bishop’s lunch you have tried as of right now?

Definitely when the kitchen makes salmon and rice for lunch! I am a huge fan of salmon, haha!

Q: What characteristics would define you as a person?

A few characteristics that would define myself as a person would be driven, very

self-motivated, strong, hard on myself, persistent, and just a little OCD (I need everything to be perfect or at least the way I envision it).

Q: Finally, what are you most excited about now that you work at Bishop’s?

I am very excited to see how much I can grow here; and where I will be in one to five years from now in my career!

Next time you enjoy one of Bishop’s amazing events, remember the brilliant, basketball-starred, fun face behind it all. She really will be planning the best year ever for the Bishop’s School this year!