Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

The Girls Golf team looks to defend their CIF championship.


Sophia Guan

The Golf Team has an incredible team-dynamic and are able to rely on each other for anything: from golf to general life.

Amongst the many talented varsity sports teams on campus, Varsity Girls’ Golf is up on that leaderboard. 

After winning the 2021 Division I CIF Championship, the girls are ready to get back out there and chase another title starting the week of October 24. As they look ahead to this year, they outline their success as a combination of two things: their mentality and their bond. 

Lucy Yuan (‘24) feels confident they can defend their CIF title. Lucy explained that their league games are typically lower-stakes and a chance for some of the younger girls to get out there and play, while their CIF games are when they have to put their best foot forward, because more often than not, they are up against national competition. 

Golf is a highly technical sport that also trains kids early on to handle pressure. Golf revolves around the individual success of each girl, and according to Lucy Yuan (‘24) this makes golf “so technical and individual [that] many girls dedicate their lives to their sport from a very young age.” Because golf is such a mental game, they are used to playing under stress. They are used to having to make that match-tying putt or having to recover from a drive in the rough, Sophia “Sopo” Guan (‘24) said.  To them, the mental aspect is as vital as being able to hit a 250-yard drive.

In a match, the girls are split up into groups. There are four girls per group — two girls from each team. So, while out on the course, they must rely on themselves and each other.  They can only rely on their partner — not their coach — to give advice, hype them up, or tell them what club to use. 

Consequently, their bond is incredibly strong. Lucy and Sopo described their team as being small but mighty, they both agree that this comes with its benefits. Sopo said that the girls get to “know each other better, [and we] have so many inside jokes” and Lucy added on that “the team atmosphere makes it seem like we are sisters.”

The girls all share an Instagram, @brummiegolf, which is an insider scoop on the team — on there they post team introductions, footage from their van rides, and snack reviews. 

The team does face some competition when  facing other teams that aren’t in their league. These teams often have “national competition” Lucy explained. She explained that these girls are oftentimes nationally ranked or recognized by United States Golf Association (USGA). She continued by saying “It’s hard to compete with schools that are more athletically driven” — with Bishop’s emphasis on education and other schools’ emphasis on sports, it can put the girls on an unequal playing field. 

However, Lucy feels confident that if they try their hardest then they will “take home the victory.” Sopo said, “the more chances we give ourselves, the better we do.”