Learning with Ms. Logan

Ms. Logan returns to teach six grade science this semester.


Cory Logan

Ms. Logan and her dog Red enjoy the serene environment of Sunset Cliffs while sitting in a 1983 Vanagon Westy. Red is a red heeler Australian Cattle Dog.

Returning to Bishop’s once again, Ms. Cory Logan is back teaching six grade science. Ms. Logan has intensive history teaching science at Bishop’s and is now teaching here once again for this semester.

Q: What do you like about science?

A: What is there not to love about science? When I was a student growing up, science was always the subject that really grabbed me because of its hands-on nature, its problem-solving opportunities and focus on the natural world. It helped put a lot of things in context for me.

Q:What brought you to Bishop’s?

A: I have a long and sort of deep history with Bishop’s. The first time I came was in 1997. I was here from 1997 to 2001, and I started out teaching chemistry and biology. I even taught a class of conceptual physics. At some point, I was asked to teach middle school and it was my first time teaching that level. I was terrible at it at first because I just thought middle school students were just smaller versions of upper school students. So the first several months of teaching science to middle school students, I had to figure out what it meant to teach middle school. I was teaching seventh grade, there was only seventh through twelfth then. So Bishop’s started me on my journey of becoming a middle school teacher. Once I started to understand that they are not just smaller versions of upper school students, I kinda fell in love with middle school. In 2001, I left to go back to the east coast and focused solely on developing myself as a middle school teacher.  I taught at a couple independent middle schools in and around the Boston area. In 2008, I was invited back to [Bishop’s] to start the sixth grade program, so Catherine Michaud, the Director of The Writing Center and an English Teacher, and I put the six grade program together. The best professional experience of my career.  In 2017, I left Bishop’s and Laura Cummings has been doing sixth grade science ever since. She went out on maternity leave this semester, and the school called and said, “Would you consider coming back for a semester to take over for her while she is out?” And I said, “Yeah, I would love to.” I’m back again for the semester, so this is my third time back at Bishop’s. 

Q: What is something about the Bishop’s community that you love?

A: Besides my own family, my Bishop’s community has felt like my professional family, and I still have really strong connections with teachers that I taught with from 1997 to 2001 — some great friends from when I was here. I have only been back for a month and a half and I’ve already met science teachers that are new to me that I have started to develop a relationship with. The faculty at Bishop’s has always been of such high quality- and I feel fortunate that I get to work, learn, and develop bonds with people of such high character.  I have always been supported at Bishop’s and I really value that support. I also just adore the kids. I’ve taught at five different independent schools and there is no student like a Bishop’s student. I feel really fortunate to be able to work in this community because of the students I get to work with.  I have really come to adore this year’s 6th graders, especially. 

Q: After the semester ends, do you plan on coming back to Bishop’s again?

A: Who knows? When I left in 2001, I never thought I would come back and I came back to help develop the sixth grade program. When I left in 2017, I thought I’d never be back, and I’m back again for the semester.. So, I don’t know. Never say never, I guess?  Who knows where life takes me next.