Saluting Ms. Sargeant


Lucy Marek

“The people here are absolutely incredible; it’s a joy to go to work.”

Maybe you met her in eighth grade while learning about American history. Maybe she was your teacher for Modern World History freshman year. Or maybe, you recognize her from your days in Junior Model United Nations or middle school advisory. However you met or got to know Ms. Kristin Sargeant (‘08), who will be moving to Arizona at the end of the year, there’s no doubt that she has been an incredible member of the Bishop’s community for the five years she taught here.

Ms. Sargeant’s decision to become an educator can be traced back to her childhood. “I’ve wanted to be a teacher for most of my life,” she explained, adding that many of her relatives are teachers. “I grew up in an environment where education was really valued and really important, and my mom and my grandma especially inspired me to go into teaching.”

Pursuing interests from a young age seems to be a common theme for Ms. Sargeant, who started taking a liking to history when she was a child. But according to her, it was in college that her interest in the subject truly blossomed, during a WWII history course. “It made the material come alive,” she said. “And [the course] made it relevant and exciting to my life and the world I saw around me.”

Ms. Sargeant loved learning because her teacher made it enjoyable, and that is something she tries to mimic in her classes. According to Sabrina Feldman (‘26), who takes American History, “Everything is very interactive, and we don’t really have lectures or anything like that.” She went on to say that Ms. Sargeant also helps her understand the material and gives her tips on note-taking and comprehension, giving her and her fellow students the tools they need to enjoy and learn from the class.

Mira Singh (‘25), who had Ms. Sargeant as a teacher in eighth and ninth grade, recognized that she doesn’t just teach history; as an advisor, and simply a nice person, she influences those around her by her positive attitude and friendliness. “She’s taught me that you should remember and see the importance in doing small things that make people’s day,” said Mira, adding that Ms. Sargeant is always smiling when her students enter her classroom and is “always encouraging you to be the best you can.”

But it’s not just students who notice how much Ms. Sargeant brings to Bishop’s. Mr. Kamal Assaf, another eighth grade history teacher, thinks that “she brings an enthusiasm for learning” to her classroom and “is just a great colleague.” He said that she has been a mentor and friend to him this past year, and is going to be missed by the whole community. 

Ms. Sargeant has given so much to the community, but she would also like to acknowledge how much the community means to her. “The people here are absolutely incredible,” she remarked. “It’s a joy to get to go to work.”

Ms. Sargeant may love working at Bishop’s, but her history with the school didn’t just start when she started working here; she is also a 2008 graduate. After graduating, she went on to earn her Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Oberlin College and an Master of Arts degree in History from the University of North Carolina, and then she began her teaching career at the Punahou School in Hawaii. In 2017, she decided to return to her old high school, this time as a teacher instead of a student. And now, she’s leaving for Arizona. 

Although faculty and students alike will be sad to see her go, Ms. Sargeant promised that “Bishop’s is a really wonderful, special place and it will always hold a special place in my heart.”