Four Inches Above the Knee

Understanding the uniform policies at Bishop’s


Joyce Wu

Following this first email, Ms. Michelle Shea, the Dean of Students, sent out another email informing students that they could go talk to her and Ms. Jasmyn Tanner, Director of Middle School Life and English Teacher, if they had any questions.

On April 28, 2022, Ms. Michelle Shea, the Dean of Students, sent an email to the student body detailing new changes in Bishop’s uniform policy and reiterating some existing rules. It sparked discussion between students. The Daily Urinal (DU) articles released five articles in the following days explaining students’ reactions. 

This email was sent out in the midst of rumors about skirts regarding whether they may be removed from the uniform options next year. The email aimed to address the uniform-related concerns and clarify whether skirts would be removed or not.

The email announced that black chino pants and shorts would be added to the uniform as an alternative for khaki pants and perhaps for skirts as well. These pants may be full or ¾ length. Pajama pants and leggings are not included in the school uniform.

The last part of the email, the part that stirred up the most commotion, mentioned skirts. It said that “many, many, many (some might say most) skirts are far too short” and that the administration is “considering removing them from the uniform,” hence all of the alternative options. However, if skirts become longer, to the length of arms hanging straight down, “disaster may be averted” according to the senders of the email, Ms. Shea, the Dean of Students, Ms. Jasmyn Tanner, the Director of Middle School Student Life and English teacher, and Ms. Melissa Kirchberg, the Assistant to the Dean of Students. 

In the DU, several students expressed frustration with the idea that skirts could be removed. The email stated that the short skirts were the problem but in DU issue 146 by Sophia Gleeson (‘24), she asserts, “The problem is a hyper-fixation on skirt lengths.” Skirts have always been a hot topic when it comes to uniforms, so many students wonder, “Why now?”