Q&A With Linnete Manrique

Meet Linnete Manrique, this year’s new admissions associate


Photo provided by Linnete Manrique

Linnete Manrique joined the Bishop’s admissions team early this year, but that isn’t her only accomplishment; she has a B.A in Communications Studies, an M.A. in Media, Culture, and Communication, and a PhD in Media and Communications.

Seven months ago, Ms. Linnete Manrique joined the Bishop’s admissions team. But in this confusing not-quite-post-pandemic time, you might not have gotten the chance to meet her!


What brought you to Bishop’s?

Before the pandemic, I was living in Los Angeles and working as a communications coordinator at New Roads School (also an independent school). When the pandemic started and all work operations were moved to a remote setting, I decided to relocate to San Diego to be with my family. Once schools reopened in 2021 and work resumed in person, I realized I didn’t want to move back to LA, so it was time to look for another job. 

While admissions and communications are two separate departments, they’re closely connected, so I decided to apply for the admissions associate position. Aside from the simple fact that I needed another job, I was excited to apply for this position at Bishop’s because the school’s mission and values are aligned with mine. I appreciate that Bishop’s makes a conscious effort to be an inclusive community and has a strong commitment to DEIJ work.


What did you do before coming to Bishop’s? 

I have a B.A in Communications Studies from the University of San Diego, an M.A. in Media, Culture, and Communication from New York University, and a PhD in Media and Communications from Goldsmiths, University of London. (Midway through my PhD, I came to the realization that I didn’t have a teaching vocation, so I decided not to pursue this career path.) Being a college student for ten years (four years of undergrad, two years of grad school, and four years of the PhD) was truly the best of times!


What are your interests/hobbies outside of your job? 

My hobbies include reading, watching TV, hiking/walking/playing with my dog, listening to music and going to concerts. I also enjoy writing cultural criticism. I’m a (sporadic) contributing writer for PopMatters.


What makes you most excited about working here? 

Bishop’s stands out as a place to work because of its caring and kind close-knit community. I like that everyone knows each other and we help each other when needed. I’m an introvert, and it can be difficult to navigate new spaces, but I’ve never felt out of place here. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming. Also, lunch is amazing. As someone who doesn’t like to cook, I appreciate that we get taken care of in this respect.