Summer Internships

Looking into the internship opportunities Bishop’s provides.


Cathy Morrison

During the 2021 summer session, Mr. Robert Anderson led Bishop’s Rocks, teaching younger students how to play the electric guitar.

Joyce Wu, Staff Writer

Over the summer, students can go on vacations, go to summer camps, or even just sleep in and binge Netflix, but one more option is doing summer internships. Internships are a great opportunity for students to gain professional work experience in subjects that they are passionate about. 

According to Mr. Ben Duehr, Director of Summer Programs and Science teacher, said that there are two different kinds of internships: on campus and off-campus. Here at Bishop’s, both are offered. For those off-campus, see the Student Information section, under the “Link for Students” section in BlackBaud resources. Click on the one called “Summer Internships/Programs.” The link leads to a spreadsheet with the name of the program as well as location and deadline for applications. These programs off-campus can be located here in San Diego or even in New York City. “Students can investigate a variety of internships off-campus from STEM to humanities opportunities,” Mr. Duehr mentioned. Most of these off-campus internships are competitive, requiring applications and teacher recommendation. For STEM internships, students can go to programs like the Heithoff-Brody High School Scholars Program. This specific internship has a few requirements, and the deadline for the application is due on April 1, 2022. 

“The internships available on-campus this summer revolve around supporting summer school classes that attract younger students for enrichment classes.” Mr. Duehr said. These younger kids are usually from rising fourth to eighth grade. Working to help teachers, those who chose to work as an intern help these younger students in their growing passion for the wide range of subjects being taught. Niamh Malhotra (‘23) worked as a summer intern last year helping with a class called Classics and Comics. “Working as a teacher assistant, I helped lead the students through different writing and drawing exercises with the goal of making a comic,” said Niamh. 

For those wondering what kinds of summer programs require interns, Mr. Duehr added, “nearly all of the enrichment classes can benefit from student support, and these classes range from language arts, dance, math, science, sports, computer programming, art, and more.” Students will share with Mr. Duehr their availability, and then he will try to match them with the subjects they are most interested in.

By becoming an intern, students can earn service hours for the time they spend assisting teachers over the summer. As a bonus, students can gain a sense of responsibility as well as better understand the process of education from a different perspective by working with these younger kids. “The interns serve as role models for these younger students,” Mr. Duehr continued. 

Mr. Duehr has sent an email to the upper school about these opportunities. To apply, click this link, and Mr. Duehr will set you up.