BSU’s Clothing and Hygiene Drive



One of the two collection areas for the drive, located in the student center by Ms. Shea’s office.

February is Black History Month. According to Knights News, for Black History Month, the Black Student Union is holding a clothing and hygiene product drive for Sharia’s Closet which is a Black-owned nonprofit that aids people in need with necessary items. Sharia’s Closet is founded by Shamine Linton who, in 2006, began collecting “clothes, diapers, and hygiene products for the people she saw struggling in her neighborhood and throughout the city of San Diego.” 

The goal of the BSU has been to “create a space for black students on campus” stated Zenzele Greene (‘22), one of the leaders of the BSU, “especially because it is a very small percentage of the student body. Around 33 students identify as Black spread throughout middle school and high school.” They also said, “unless you’re super close with the other kids, you’re probably not going to interact or see a lot of people that are similar to you” and so “a lot of the times it can feel very lonely.” As a result, according to Zenzele, the role of the BSU in the drive is “supporting other Black individuals especially within San Diego” and it’s “important to establish these spaces and support.” 

According to their website, Sharia’s Closet soon turned into “a closet out of [Sharia’s] patio, distributing her inventory throughout the city to those struggling with homelessness, addiction, unemployment, and other financial hardships.” In 2017, Shamine, along with a man named John B, found a rented space on El Cajon Blvd in the College Area and created “Sharia’s Closet,” named after Shamine’s daughter. Now, Sharia’s Closet serves 15,000 people and works for 60+ social service organizations in San Diego. 

As part of the drive, the BSU is collecting men’s casual wear, men’s shoes, new socks, underwear, toothbrushes, combs/hair brushes, floss, toothpaste, razors, mouthwash, deodorants, body washes/bars of soap, shampoo, conditioners, chapsticks and cotton balls/cotton swabs. Zenzele stated, “We wanted to specify men’s clothing because that’s what [Sharia’s Closet] really need[s].” According to their website, Sharia’s Closet’s mission is to “provide free emergency clothing to people that have an immediate need for clothing.” With over 19270 clients served since 2013 and 757 served in 2022, Sharia’s Closet’s has undoubtedly had an impact on many around San Diego. 

As mentioned by Knights News, bins for collection are located in the garage and student center. So go and donate today!