Bishop’s Takes Over Honor Choir 2019


PC: Maya Buckley ('21)

Pictured from middle to right: Maya Buckley (‘22), Dolce Feenaghty (‘22), and Haha Shi (‘22), in their Bishop’s Singers concert attire.

On November 21 through 23, Bishop’s choir students attended the SCVA Honor Choir, a three-day intensive choir program administered by the Southern California Vocal Association (SCVA). Attendees auditioned and were selected based on their performance in three categories – solo, music theory, and sight-reading. The singers had to individually prepare an Italian aria, memorize different scales, and be proficient at reading music. Bishop’s was represented by Brett Garon (‘21), Sean Kim (‘21), Alex Kuncz (‘21),  Joseph Aguilar (‘22), Maya Buckley (‘22), Dolce Feenaghty (‘22), and Haha Shi (‘22). The students drove up from Bishop’s early Wednesday morning, accompanied by Director of Choral Music Dr. Christine Micu. 

Participants of the honor choir were randomly placed in three ensembles: TTBB (comprised of Tenors and Bases), SSAA (Sopranos and Altos), and SATB (the mixed Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass choir). For three days, the students diligently worked on six pieces of music, all the while trying to make friends and learn more about themselves in the process. Joseph remarked, “It taught me that when people come together, willing to work with each other and cooperate, beautiful and amazing things are possible.” 

The conductors of each choir, Dr. Joe Miller, Professor Lori Marie Rios, and Dr. Christopher Peterson, focused the weekend on what makes music special and unique to each student. Alex said, “Our conductor [Dr. Miller] told us ‘if you can’t imagine how you are going to play, it isn’t music.’” The program culminated in a Saturday concert at the University of Redlands Memorial Chapel that showcased the choirs’ hard work. Dolce noted, “Honor choir was an absolutely phenomenal experience — being surrounded by people who are just as dedicated and passionate as you are bringing a whole new meaning to what it is to make music, and that made every minute worthwhile. We got to spend three days making something beautiful, and they were some of the best days of my life.